FREE Explore Talk with Randi
FREE Explore Talk with Randi

New Wise Leadership 

How to Combine Personal Ease and Joy with Authentic Business Success

From Stressful Success To Joyful Success!

New Business Dynamics Aligned with Nature. Allowing Joyful Success.


Hello, I`m Randi 

Did you know being more authentic increase your own natural power and the ability to take quicker and better descitions for yourself, and the business you are leading?

I typically work with curious and open minded leaders in the senior management who wants to thrive fully and have more real impact on the world through their work. I help them escape stressful success and lean into more joyful successful, becoming a more authentic leader in natural flow, truly effective so they can experience more ease, clarity, vitality, balance and stability in rapid changing times.

Working with me they get new breakthrough insight, perspectives and strategies how to create a natural fruitful foundation were business ambitions can unfold from.

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How you can benefit from what I learned

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Refresh Leadership, Replenish Vitality and Create Your New Reality - get started:

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Lean into Joyful Success

Join the 3 step online experience and get your AHA-moments and perspectives on a new reality. 

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Wise Self Leadership Circle

Own Your Power. Align your core essence to wellness at 4 levels. The foundation for any creation.

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New Wise Leadership

Master New Wise Leadership in 10 weeks. An blend of insight and integration into own inner nature. 

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Is this you?

  • Are you so committed to getting the results for your company that you are compromising on everything else?
  • Do you want to upleve your leadership capacity for a new reality, secure timeouts or explore personal growth alternatives?
  • Can you feel your health is deteriorating bit by bit, maybe a desire to explore career strategies?
  • Do you find your head is taken up with work 90% of the time?
  • Are you working so hard, and feeling you aren`t achieving anything worthwhile?
  • Are you in transition, open and curious to reinforce career path?
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Kickstart Your New Wise Leadership

Discover how STOP living to work &
START working to live make a difference.

Get my eBook today when signing up to the 3 steps digital training experience below. Be inspired how to joyfully lead, shine and change - in a sustainable way.

Welcome to a higher quality of life!

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It`s time to Get out of the Old Fashion Push Strategies and Allow Business Success Unfold in a more Natural Way.

Invest in Personal Growth, to Empower Yourself, Your Team and Support Business Success.

Joyful Success 

Welcome to this 3 steps digital experience which empower you to escape stressful success and experience more joyful success 

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Lean into more Joy

  • Discover a bigger context in 15 minutes Short Talk
  • Dive deeper in a 60 minutes MasterClass
  • Discover the value of Authentic Leadership
  • Discover 6 fundamental pillars Leading2Live more
Teaching and training experiences aligned with Sustainable Global Goals
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I`ve got to know Randi as a powerful visionary leader with an innovative new way of leadership training, a way that combines personal joy and ease with authentic business success. She empowers people to connect with their own energy and inspiration, so that they can move forward with clarity and confidence, and create inspired and innovative teams around them. I have closely worked with Randi and can highly recommend her.

J. Thorp - Business Owner, Transformational Trainer and Mentor

A New Wise Business World - A Sustainable Choice

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New Wise Leadership HUB ™ - Epic Leadership Training to Joyfully Lead, Shine and Change

Change Enthusiasm by Randi Næss offers online program, combo of online, physical events and experiences for leaders in the senior management and their management groups.

You strengthen, redirect, refresh, renew and rebuild business leadership, team effort and culture to be relevant in a new reality. Reinforce career path to be more sustainable, flexible and relevant in a New Wiser Business World.

The value of what we deliver is to wake up in the morning with vitality, lean in to joy and truly thrive as a powerful, impactful and influential leader who influence a culture that attract and keep talents. You get  the ability to lead change with less effort and more enthusiasm, the ability to make faster and better decisions, shaping wiser culture. All this without working harder, rather by joyfully lead, shine and change to make a difference in the world. From a refreshed version of yourself, you make a bigger impact in many lives; employees, family and friends.

We`re Making a Difference by Building a World of Refreshment & Empowerment
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