How to turn business world into a sunny place where human thrive

new normal Jun 12, 2021


in the new normal businesses to a greater degree must combine economical growth and bottom line focus. At the same time, a basic respect for the environment and conditions affecting environment and society challenges is required. When everything changes, it also has repercussions on leadership positions. This leads our attention towards the questions: How are leaders assisted with upgrading their leadership in a time where focus on humans is re-established in a new context? This is why I have a closer look on 5 qualities critical to the new leaderial role.

Too many people today find the working life a poisonous, meager and pointless place to be. It needs be turned into a sunny place where humans thrive, find greater meaning and perform.

An organization needs to be a good citizen in what regards building the future. Both in the way they act inside the organization, and on the outside.

Taking the lead in the new reality is all about recognizing that companies need to create growth, surplus and give the stakeholders their yield. At the same time, the workers', customers' and societies' conditions need to improve.

This can be done by improving on 5 critical leaderial qualities in modern leadership:

5 critical leaderial qualities in modern leadership:

  1. Acquire increased introspection, update your leaderial skills inside out and focus on serving your co-workers − so that they get what they need to perform.
  2. Increase your knowledge on humans, understand the complexity of humans.
  3. Leverage human experience and create meaningful human experiences.
  4. Acquire a healthier balance between head and heart and become a better leader.
  5. Be open and curious − search for gold within your co-workers and find possibilities for innovation.

Personal insight, personal development and sustainable self leadership will build the leaderial capacity leaders need in a new reality. Many try to educate their leaders by traditional models and ways of thinking. They do so despite these roles are changing. Some of the traditional must continue on in the future, but needs be enriched with more human-oriented approaches. An example of such innovative enrichment of traditional leaderial development you can find HERE

Why upgrade the leaderial capacity?

When you upgrade your leaderial capacity you will subconsciously take the lead from a personal point of view. Your superiors and co-workers will find this very attractive. They will love working with you to achieve common ambitions. You will engage the top gear whenever needed. And most important of all: They will do so happily.

If you want greater knowledge on how to transition from the old to the new reality, you get the Senior executive guide for success in a new reality.

Renewed focus on and respect for humans and human experiences will affect the recruitment of leaders. It will make a difference in developing leadership and contemporary-timely leaderial capacity.


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