3 ways to turn on the engine for business expansion

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2021

The question you ask yourself make you reflect, wonder and give you a deeper motivation to adjust or change in a way that benefits you, your team and organisation. This is the power of asking great question to yourself.

If a wellbeing YOU is an engine for business expansion – what is the value of you improving your wellbeing for improving business results?

An even more powerful question within this context might be how do a stressed and overwhelmed me influence the business results.


From this you might be inspired to get out of the state of feeling stuck in the doing because you see it is to the highest good for you and the business you are leading.

My next question will then be, how do your leadership team feel? Well or Overwhelmed?

You as an CEO, the top management group and the next level of executive leaders are the core essence of the business. What if everything you wants to create and manifest in business is a result from this fundamental perspective?

After the pandemic you might have an even higher interest to turn on the engine for business expansion. Please allow me to inspire you.


3 ways to turn on the engine for business expansion and success are:

  1. Think and work differently
  2. Preventive Care
  3. Reshaping environment

Why is this important?

Every executive leader deserves the chance to lead a healthy life and achieve their full potential. Daring to lead will often mean living and leading with stress over time. The wellbeing of executive leaders must remain a top priority. It`s about creating a shift in focus from living with unhealthy stress over time to wellness.

Dare to lead means dare to be a role model as a CEO, include your top management team and executive leaders.


Ad 1) Think and work differently 

How can you think and act on short-term to support bout short term and long term results is a key question to reflect on. It`s a question to bring into your leadership team for dialog.

We all know that common knowledge is not common practise. Challenge your thoughts and beliefs about how results can be delivered with more personal ease and joy. Choose to be curious about how to take quicker and better solutions. 


Ad 2) Preventive Care

There is so much science available on how stress influence your body, your vitality system and health over time. Compare it with smoking. Why continue to smoke when you know how unhealthy it is? Why accept living and leading with unhealthy stress when knowing it`s allowing bugs in your vitality system to be created? The risk is your your natural recourses and power will shut down.

It might be time to reflect on what preventive care program, financial incentives or other health motivational incentives can support business expansion through executive leadership support.

Are you looking for inspirational activities, programs and services, be inspired here Inspiration


Ad 3) Reshaping Environment

Bout physical environment and organisational culture matters. Take time for critical thinking, dialog and plan for change.

Do you have an executive leadership GAP when it comes to wellbeing? How do you know your executive leaders are honest in how they express themselves? What if they give you the answers they believe is the answers you want or hope for?

The relative harsh commercial atmosphere builds on push and stress mechanisms that has been practising in the past, might not be the optimal atmosphere moving into the future. You might be interested to explore more sustainable principles of business leadership and business success. 

A more balanced masculine and feminine leadership approach and dynamic might be something for you to learn more about.


Learn more about New Wise Leadership and New Wise Teamship approach, learn more here Becoming Wiser


By investing in preventive care and make smart choices today, you will:

  • Support Sustainable business results. Short-Term Thinking about a Long-Term-Challenge.
  • Create a sustainable and fulfilling career for yourself and your executive leaders. 

Are you ready to make wellbeing a strategic imperative and core social value? Are you ready to allow wellbeing up level personal capacity to embrace potential business opportunities? Are you ready to reshape the business environment such that health becomes the natural outcome of work and life and the default choice for individuals?

It starts with c level leaders, and influence the rest of the organisation. It`s a way of impacting many lives and a way to make a bigger impact in the world through your work.

Take a decision today on what is the next right step moving forward in a supportive wellbeing way.


Be welcome to join the community of New Wise Leadership Friends here


Enjoy the wellbeing journey!

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