3 tips how top management groups get a refreshing restart

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2021

Hello CEO, senior manager and executive leader colleague,

I am inspired to share a sentence that I brought with me over many years. A sentence I think is worth reflecting on for you as well. 

“I am not who I am, I am who I become in interaction with others”. 

This is a phrase I remember well from my in-depth study of Interaction, Togetherness and Leadership led by the Norwegian renowned professor of psychology Paul Moxnes. 

I remember having to read this sentence over and over again, until I understood and took in what it actually means. In practice, this means that who you interact with has a major impact on how you get the opportunity to reach your potential and contribute as you have the potential for.

You can be king / queen in one group and clown / fool in another group. You have the same talents, skills and potentials? What group and culture do you want to be part of? Where do you thrive and perform best?

How do you as CEO or senior manager in a top management group want your leaders to feel - like kings & queens or clovers & fools? 

Looking for more thriving kings and queens in your team and organisation? 

If you think kings and queens perform better than a clovers and fools, you will probably benefit from continuing to read this blog. 

Most top management groups want a refreshing restart after the pandemic with inspired actions. My tips are also valid for restart or renewed energy and inspiration at any time of the year.

3 tips on how to create a refreshing restart, more energy and inspiration:

  1. Set personal emotions on the agenda, it reflects how we think, lead and act.
  2. Set natural talents and energy on the agenda
  3. Set culture team expression on the agenda


Ad 1) Personal emotions awareness 

Are you well connected with your emotions?

Are you stuck in the doing on autopilot OR do you have personal awareness and understanding of how you experience interaction. Emotional awareness gives us insight into how we experience interaction in practice. What dialogue we have with ourselves with the emotions we are aware we have, affect what we choose to do with it.

Are you aware that how we feel are connected to how we experience our values are met in practical work situations? If we choose to work in environments were our core fundamental values are not met we we live in harmony with our own values and our integrity is challenged.

Why reward short-term thinking that support long-term interests?

If we are part of a masculine business culture that does not have emotions on the agenda, the practice may be to push through results to any cost. In the short term, this seems to work well because short term results are created. Leaders with deeper insight into how people work best to contribute at their best are leaders who contribute to a healthier balance and natural dynamics between the masculine and the feminine.


Ad 2) Natural talents and energy on the agenda  

Why do natural talents and energy make a difference?

Who we are is how we lead. Our personal core essence of who we are reflects back on what we create through work and career, or in life. It is to your highest interest as a leader in a top management group to know who you are and understand the dynamic of own human nature. When you and your leadership team are in touch with own natural talents and natural energy, we all are at our best. Having this insight is a way how we enable ourselves to step into our potentials. To gain better and deeper insight into who we are, before we learned mindset, beliefs, patterns of behaviour and communication as we may practise it today, it is useful to open up to understand how we are shaped by our experiences at work and in life. These insights are available through exciting tools for raising awareness of who we are. This enables us to become better leaders, to make better choices - choices we thrive and perform well with over time. This is how we support ourselves, our team and our organization experiencing being in tailwind and not striving in headwind.


Ad 3) Culture Expression in teams on the agenda

Why pay attention to culture expression in teams?

It`s to the highest good of all employees and stakeholders that any senior manager and executive team function to their full potential. 

Fuel up with culture understanding, ease and joy. Joyful success is what many senior managers and executive leaders are longing for. 

The concept of organizational culture has never been more complex, yet critical to understand, and apply. It all starts in the top management team, and their executive leadership teams as a key step of implementation. Culture is about who you are together, what you stand for as a team and organization and the way of running the business. Values are building blocks for culture, and the sum of the most prioritized values in a team drive the team culture. To manage culture, leaders must be aware and understand their own values and how they show up in their lives. Shifting culture is fueled by shifting values priorities. 

Do you believe being open and curious is part of the success strategy moving forward? How open are you to try out new team tools? It might be refreshing! It might be time to get an renewed perspective and guidance on how each one, and the team as a whole, thrives and performs optimally together. With such a starting point, it will be easier to open up and embrace opportunities, embrace and implement change with enthusiasm, achieve business success without the experience that it is at the expense of the people.

Learn more about my take on team dynamics here 

Enjoy any refreshing and empowering action in the time to come!

Take care – bye for now,

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